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Removal from Sex Offender Registry

In re O.

Due to a conviction of indecent exposure (PC 314), my client was ordered to register as a sex offender for life (PC 290).

My client contacted me to see if there was any way to remove him from the sex offender registry.  I told him I would do everything I could to make that happen.

I petitioned the court for a Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon.  Though the District Attorney fought me every step of the way, the judge ultimately agreed that my client has been rehabilitated.  The judge granted my petition, thus removing my client from the sex offender registry.  Now my client is no longer a sex offender.  He never has to register as such ever again.  He no longer has to live with the shame and embarrassment for a foolish mistake that occurred nearly twenty years ago.

His application for a Pardon from the Governor is still pending.

Attempted Robbery, Great Bodily Injury, Elder Abuse

People v. E.W.

My client was accused of assaulting and robbing two elderly women as they walked down the street.  The poor old ladies were severely beaten by the robber.  Multiple witnesses saw it happen.  Though none of the witnesses were able to positively identify my client as the robber, they did follow the assailant as she fled the scene and saw her get into my client's car.  The car was identified by the license plate and was registered in my client's name.

After a lengthy legal battle and thorough use of a private investigator, the DA dismissed the case entirely.  Even the Sherriff's main detective on the case ultimately admitted that he had serious doubts about my client's involvement in the robbery.

Child Molestation

People v. A.H.

My 21 year old client was charged with molesting a high school age student.  The evidence included the victim's statement, a great deal of circumstantial evidence (photos of my client and the victim kissing, sex toys found in a bedroom they shared, sexual text messages in both their phones, etc.), and a confession from my client.

Result:  Despite the overwhelming evidence against us, the charges were reduced to a misdemeanor.  Not only were the charges reduced, the DA agreed to dismiss the case entirely if she stayed out of trouble for one year.


Six months later, the same client was charged with possession of child pornography.  Nude photographs of the same victim from the first case were found on my client's cell phone.

ResultFelony probation with credit for time servedNo sex offender registration.  Plus, it was agreed that the original case above was to be dismissed.

Three Strikes Case

People v. R.R.

My client was accused of failing to disclose his new address when he renewed his sex offender registration.  Because he was previously convicted of multiple counts of child molestation, he was facing LIFE in prison for this sex registration violation.

Result:  After months of working with the DA and the court, the DA agreed to dismiss one strike prior, then the judge agreed to dismiss another.  This was a major victory by itself because it made a sentence of less than 25 years to life possible.  In our negotiations, we landed on 9 months county jail (with half-time) and probation to terminate upon completion of the jail sentence.

Drug Possession

People v. S.R.

My client was arrested for possession a miniscule amount of methamphetamine.  The DA wanted felony probation and six months county jail.

We went to preliminary hearing and I successfully argued that the prosecution failed to prove that my client possessed a “useable amount” of methamphetamine.  People v. Leal (1966) 64 Cal.2d 504.  The judge agreed and dismissed the entire case.


People v. A.G.

My client was stopped and arrested for a first time DUI offense.  He submitted to a blood test, which showed a BAC of 0.12.

After months of investigation and having the blood retested by an independent lab, I was able to persuade the DA to reduce his charges to a “wet reckless”.

DUI with Prior

People v. D.A.

My client was pulled over and arrested for DUI.  Her breath test indicated a BAC of 0.11.  She also had a prior DUI that was less than a year old.

I was able to persuade the DA to reduce the charge to a “wet reckless”, despite the 0.11 BAC and despite her prior.

Domestic Violence

People v. M.T.

My client was falsely accused of assaulting his ex-wife.  The DA was unwilling to negotiate on the case.  I set the case for trial and they ultimately dismissed the case.

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