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Jury Trials

Spousal Abuse with Great Bodily Injury, False Imprisonment

Charges and Facts:  PC 273.5(a) [felony spousal abuse] with great bodily injury enhancement, PC 236 [false imprisonment]

My Client was accused of beating up his wife, resulting in massive bruising to her face and body, a chipped tooth, and a bloody eye.  Photos were introduced to show her injuries immediately after the fight and also a month afterward.  He was also accused of holding her captive in their bathroom after the fight.  My Client's own children testified for the prosecution at trial that he regularly beats their mom and that he is a violent person.

Result:  Not Guilty of the felony spousal abuse charge.  The GBI enhancement was found Not True.  He was convicted of a lesser included offense of misdemeanor spousal battery and of false imprisonment.

Felony Battery of Custodial Officer

Charges and Facts:  Three felony counts of battering a custodial officer.

My Client was an inmate in county jail serving time on an unrelated charge.  He was accused of head-butting a female jail guard, knocking her unconscious, and then resisting other guards that came to her rescue.

Result:  This case went to jury trial twice.  The result of the first trial was a hung jury.  This was remarkable considering the injuries were undisputed and there were multiple witnesses that testified for the prosecution. In the second trial, Client was found Not Guilty of two felonies, guilty of misdemeanor battery, and guilty of only one felony.

DUI and Possession of Dangerous Weapon

Charges and Facts:  VC 23152(a) [DUI], PC 12020(a) [possession of a dangerous weapon]

My Client was stopped for driving erratically.  The police officer suspected that, due to my Client's performance on field sobriety tests and his rapid speech, Client was driving under the influence of a drug.  Client refused to take any of the required breath, blood, or urine tests.  Client was also found in possession of a switchblade.

Result:    Hung jury on the DUI charge.  The DUI was then dismissed.  Found guilty of the misdemeanor weapon charge, which was undisputed at trial.

Marijuana DUI

Charges and Facts:  VC 23152(a) [DUI]

My Client was observed weaving and driving badly.  When the cops pulled him over, he ran over the curb and brought the vehicle to a stop at an odd angle.  The cops smelled a strong odor of marijuana.  They then had him perform Field Sobriety Tests and my Client performed badly.  His coordination was poor and his speech was slurred.  After the arrest, the police found marijuana on him.  My Client admitted to smoking marijuana before driving.  A blood test showed a strong concentration of THC.

Result:  Hung jury.  The DA was unable to prove their case to the jury.  This put my client in a position to bargain for a lesser charge that, prior to the trial, the DA would not agree to.

Spousal Abuse with Injury

Charges and Facts:  PC 273.5(a) [spousal abuse with injury]

My Client was charged with punching his wife causing bruising and cuts to her face.

Result:  Prosecution DISMISSED the case AFTER MY OPENING STATEMENT, even though their alleged victim was present and ready to testify against him.

Spousal Abuse with Injury

Charges and Facts:  PC 273.5(a) [spousal abuse with injury]

My Client was observed by two independent witnesses punching his girlfriend in the face as they walked along the road together.  Photos were introduced showing that she had a swollen, bloody lip and there were blood stains on her shirt.

Result:  Hung jury.  The case was ultimately dismissed.

Resisting Arrest

Charges and Facts:  PC 148(a) [resising or delaying a peace officer in the performance of his duties]

My Client was involved in a large, riot-like fight that erupted at a hip-hop concert.  Multiple police officers and civilians were involved.  Police testified that my Client was ordered to stop fighting several times, but  he refused.  He also reportedly cursed at the police and physically resisted them.  The police used three cans of pepper spray to get him to stop.

Result:  Hung jury.  The case was eventually settled for an infraction.  An infraction is less than a misdemeanor, like a traffic ticket — no jail, no probation, just a fine.

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